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The first cloud-based automotive cybersecurity platform for the connected car
Exhibitor Overview
Upstream Centralized Connected Car Cybersecurity Platform harnesses the power of automotive big data to assure connected vehicles run efficiently and securely, protected from cyber-attacks and fraud.
Exhibited Products / Technologies (Manufacturer)
Upstream C4 Platform
World's First
Upstream harnesses the power of automotive fleet big data with its cloud-base service: Centralized Connected Car Cybersecurity (C4) Platform. Upstream assures vehicles, drivers and fleet infrastructure run smoothly - protected from cyber-attacks and fraud. It delivers non-intrusive, comprehensive visibility of all vehicle transactions, across multiple servers and applications.
Exhibitors' Presentation
Date / Time Venue Presentation Title / Abstract
Jan 17 [Thur]
17:15 ~ 17:35
Presentation Venue: East-F UPSTREAM SECURITY

Israel Innovation Seminar: Securing the Connected Car from the Cloud
How to secure the connected car and the automotive cloud in the era of the dynamic smart mobility ecosystem
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