Comprehensive Strength of the FUJITSU Group for Your Next-generation Product Development
Exhibitor Overview
Making a leap from a total PCB manufacturer to a solutions provider !
1).TFC Embedded Substrate "GigaModule-EC"
2).F-ALCS technology and new IVH technology for large (>500mm) Probe cards
3).PCB Solution services from circuit design to PCB fabrication and assembly
Exhibited Products / Technologies (Manufacturer)
TFC Embedded Substrate "GigaModule-EC"
This technology can be applied to our state of the art semiconductor packaging substrates for a stable operation at ultra-high frequency.

F-ALCS technology and advanced IVH technology for Large size PCBs
Our Any Layer Via structures with F-ALCS technology can improve wiring capacity and our advanced IVH technology can be applied to large size (>500mm) organic Probe cards.

PCB Solution services for product development
We expand our PCB solution menu from circuit design to PCB and PCBA manufacturing services, along with design solution including electrical & thermal stress simulation.
We will demonstrate our solutions and hold an open seminar at our booth.
Wearable Application
High reliability HDI PCB enables high density wiring capacity for Mobile products
We provide a total solution including PCB layout design, PCB fabrication and device mounting for Smartphones, tablet PCs, and other Omnipresent products.
Robot/Robotics Application
Thick Cu and high thermal conductivity PCB Series
Best suitable PCB for Industrial and Power electronics applications.
-Thick Copper PCB for High power current needs.
-High thermal conductivity material application for hot spot heat dissipation.
-Copper coin application for a highly effective heat path from top to bottom of PCB.
Smart Factory Application
High density HDI PCB ensuring a high density wiring for IoT module
We provide a total solution including PCB layout design, PCB fabrication and device mounting for M2M/IoT modules and devices.
AI (Artificial Intelligence)
IoT Solution for AI technology implementation
We provide IoT Solutions for AI technology implementation with our core technology of image processing, acoustic analysis, edge node development experience and FPGA circuit design.
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