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Multi Intelligence(R) Cutting version
NEW World's First
During cutting process, MULTI INTELLIGENCE(R) can measure temperature or vibration near the point of cutting tool in real time and helps observe the current cutting state. In addition, if a detailed analysis is carried out based on the accumulated results, we can determine the optimum cutting condition, change the manufacturing process and this leads to the `birth` of a new manufacturing system.

Multi Intelligence(R) FSW version
NEW World's First
~This device is used for FSW (Friction Stir Welding)~
With specific statistics, MULTI INTELLIGENCE(R) helps 'VISUALIZE' the abrasion of the FSW tool, the temperature of the joining point, probe shoulder as well as surface temperature, then we shall be able to determine the spindle load, to observe defects after welding (if any).
As a result, the optimum welding condition shall be found out.

Modofied Internal Residual Stress
MIRS(R) technique can measure the internal residual stress of plates over 100 mm in thickness.
Furthermore, we have experience in measuring shapes varying from metallic sheet to tube.
*Applicable plate thickness: 4mm~200mm
*Applicable weight: up to 10 tons
Robot/Robotics Application
Multi Intelligence(R) FSW version
NEW World's First
AI (Artificial Intelligence)
Multi Intelligence(R) Cutting version
NEW World's First
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