Booth No.: W16-002
VR/AR devices using cutting edge polarization technology
Exhibitor Overview
CLJ will exhibit optical modules of VR/AR using "polarization technology" which is the core competence of ColorLink Japan. Experience demonstrations of AR/VR modules that can only be made by ColorLink Japan.
Exhibited Products / Technologies (Manufacturer)
VR lens module (FOV70)
VR module using the triple pass (pancake lenses) optical system.
You can experience high definition images of Full HD & Micro OLED panel at viewing angle of 70 degrees demonstration.

VR lens module(FOV50) (Prototype)
NEW World Premiere
It is designed to minimize distortion and maximize the viewing angle. it is an optical module temporarily set for racing drone (FPV).

Glass type see-through monitor (Prototype)
NEW World Premiere
It is a prototype of a see-through type display using a triple pass (pancake) optical system. It is a module designed to realize "see-through", " high resolution", and "compact and lightweight" as a portable monitor. You can see a display screen of approximately 28 inches in size 1 meter ahead.
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