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Our provide sophisticated solutions by combining image processing and AI technologies
Exhibitor Overview
In addition to our propietary image sharpening technology (called "LynxEye"), to demonstrate our award-winning AI image processing and recognition technology, we will showcase a fun game of "rock-paper-scissors" in three modes: "Always Win", "Always Lose" and "Forever Draw".
Exhibited Products / Technologies (Manufacturer)
Our image enhancement and sharpening software "LynxEye" is able to not only brighten dark pictures, but also increase contrast and sharpness that increases detail. Thus way, we can detect smoke in a room, or small cracks and dirt on surfaces. Furthermore, this enhanced image can be further analyzed by our AI technology to perform detection and recognition.
Robot/Robotics Application
With our AI image recognition technology, we can help a robot to perform tasks as object picking, including objects with variable shapes, different angles, and even overlapping each other.
Smart Factory Application
Our image technology includes precision 3D technology. This enables accurate measurement in substrate inspection and the like. By combining with AI image recognition technology, it is possible to inspect multiple defects from images taken from many directions.
AI (Artificial Intelligence)
Our image processing technology and AI image recognition technology can be applied to various fields. For example, it enables refinement, labor saving, speeding up, etc. in the inspection process. In addition, with the behavior detection technology, it is possible to analyze the object on the time axis, perform tracking analysis, and so on.
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