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Exhibitor Overview
Shinano Kenshi is a global technology design and manufacturing partner for precision motion control. With a wide range of capability, from a R&D/design concept to manufacturing process, we see ourselves as a total solution provider.
Exhibited Products / Technologies (Manufacturer)
Electric 2 or 3 fingers Robot Hand
- Differentiation of soft and hard objects by machine learning
- Various types of gripping methods (3Fingers, 2Fingers)
- Control of grasping force and speed by adopting stepping servo

Low vibration model CSB-BA
- Low vibration and Low noise
- Suitable for stabilizing the light electronic components conveyance system
- Various sets of servo motors and a driver
- Compact and lightweight driver

Motor for Drones
These BLDC motors are for Drone application.
Our design has a wide range of performance capabilities and features.
- High Efficient BLDC Motor
- Low Vibration and Low Noise Using Balancing Technologies
- High Quality Products
- Provide Customized Solution for Module Products
(Motor + ESC + Propeller)

Servo Driver & Stepping Motor Package
- Closed-loop servo driving
- Low vibration, Low noise, and Low heating at all speed range
- DIN rail compatible, Flat configuration driver
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Department/Division:Automation Life & Work Buisiness Unit TEL:81-0268-75-5796
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